Geo-Specific EFT

I have worked with various clients across the globe with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. As each person carries a unique cultural blueprint that is enmeshed in developing issues, Geo-Specific EFT Approach helps to untangle and identify the core issues.

One of the most important aspects of EFT is the EFT statements. These affirmations are the key ingredients of the core that are deployed deep inside a person and work in a stealth fashion.

Since people manifest their issues first to themselves (this is the key) and in different ways with cultural variations which plays a tricky and specific role, only learning to develop Geo -specific customized wording in EFT affirmations can elucidate when you find yourself at the Bronx and help you achieve quick results. Geo specific EFT in essence is a revolutionary approach in EFT that utilizes the variables like culture, language, religion and personality characteristics.
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