Geo-Specific EFT

In my 8+ years of therapy experience I have worked with various clients across the globe with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. As each person carries a unique cultural blueprint that is enmeshed in developing issues, Geo-Specific EFT Approach helps to untangle and identify the core issues.

One of the most important aspects of EFT is the affirmations/EFT statements. These affirmations are the key ingredients of the core that are deployed deep inside a person and work in a stealth fashion.

Since people manifest their issues first to themselves (this is the key) and in different ways with cultural variations which plays a tricky and specific role, only learning to develop Geo -specific customized wording in EFT affirmations can elucidate when you find yourself at the Bronx and help you achieve quick results. Geo specific EFT in essence is a revolutionary approach in EFT that utilizes the variables like culture, language, religion and personality characteristics.
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Buy the Geo-specific EFT Manual for Practitioners. (A handy guide if you are working with clients from diverse cultures)


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