EFT training in Chennai

I have met quite a few people who’ve attended one day EFT workshops and yet struggle with the most basic foundational concepts and techniques in EFT; specifically how to apply it on themselves and others. *They have a lot of questions –  what words to use, how to frame affirmations, how to manage pain, heal physical issues, what if the intensity increases or doesn’t budge etc; a host of  unanswered questions.
I have worked with clients for the past 11+ years and been teaching EFT for the past 5 years, and no matter how many new techniques and skills I acquire, I never get tired of using EFT on myself and others. If you understand the mechanics of this technique well, if your foundation is strong, you will know how to mould EFT for anything!
So having a strong foundation is the key. Just like a concrete building rests on a strong foundation, the skillful usage of EFT rests on a strong conceptual working knowledge of EFT.


Keeping this in mind, I will be offering intensive EFT training in batches. Each batch will consist of only 2 students. 
The first training will be on 24th and 25th Feb, 2017. This will help you to understand and apply EFT, learn it step by step, ask questions, practice on each other, complete the assignments and practicum and get answers for your queries every step of the way and much more.

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Update on shrinking thyroid cyst without surgery or medication

I had written an article a while back about how I shrunk my thyroid cyst without surgery or  medication. You can read the article on the link below.


Here’s and update on that.

I went for a scan in August 2016 and the cyst has further shrunk. It is now 6*4*3 mm. (0.6*0.4*0.3 cm) Also, all the thyroid hormones are normal.

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